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This blog includes the personal details of my experiences as a recently diagnosed Type I diabetic and the impact of that diagnosis on my endurance athletic pursuits.

Please understand that I consider myself to be a work in progress. I am willing to share both my successes and failures, so please do not take my words to be professional dietary or medical advice. This is a blog, this is only a blog. I research my choices carefully, and take my health very seriously. The choices I make are my own, I am doing the best with the resources and support that I have. If you have questions or concerns feel free to comment, but please be constructive and understand that this is my life. I value it dearly.

My goal is to live a happy, healthy and active life where I can balance my internal drive to push my physical limits and the challenge of safely maintaining stability despite the challenges of Type I diabetes.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who disturbs my slumber?!

The bar is set rather high with UBCTC blogs. It's not that I lack the interweb skills (even though I do), it's just that I don't have the extra time. I'd rather be training than updating my mileage online - just be happy to know that there IS mileage.

Let it be known that I am training. The sleeping giant has awaken!

This week's challenge - time to best my mile PR. (in my country they are called PR's!) I don't have my usual pacer out there any more so I guess I need to aim higher. Liam? Seems like a strange little guy to call out; but I'm coming for you soon enough. Perhaps I'm not there yet, nor have I given proper notice so technically my goal will be 5:20. I've grown more comfortable with hitting 1:20 laps in my training so with proper pacing and the appropriate amount of adrenaline I think I can get there.

Once that's done I'll have a few days before I'm out to solo-effort a make-up Brick event. Hitting race intensity will be tricky, but it's all mental. The time to beat is pretty much impossible. I like the sound of that.
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