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My goal is to live a happy, healthy and active life where I can balance my internal drive to push my physical limits and the challenge of safely maintaining stability despite the challenges of Type I diabetes.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stay-cation. Sort of.

I've been spending this week in FdL with my father.  He's suffering from Parkinson's Disease and has a lot of limitations.  Normally I wouldn't use the word suffering, but it is what it is.  He can barely feed himself, he can barely dress himself, can't get out of a chair when he wants to.  It's strange for the man that could fix anything and everything to be in this state.  I even feel bad confessing these things.  Maybe it goes back to the schoolyard "my dad is better than your dad" stuff.  Who knows, but it's hard on me.  (Like it isn't on him).  

I feel bad admitting that it's hard on me.  I can't imagine how hard it is for him.  But, and a big but, he has always been the most humble man I've ever known.  I can't recall a single time where he's been 'Proud' or bragged about anything.  Sure, he was successful, but damn if you'd know.  He has the gift of relating to people.  He worked sales and dealt with anyone for maintenance men to well, more or less anyone who he could find to talk to.  He has a gift for casual conversation - which was often frustrating if our family was in a hurry to get anywhere (especially on vacations).   

Now I know he must be frustrated.  He strains to move soup from bowl to mouth.  Drinking without a straw is impossible, putting on socks?  Shit, that's tough!  But I just walked into his room and he was busy making his bed.  Perfectly folded over sheet.  Comforter, well, I helped him with that.  Huge patience.   I'd like to think I'd have the grace to deal with it.  But I don't know that I do, or would.

So onto cheerier topics, look at this cool spider I found:

So I like to get away from things at times.  Running or riding (and sometimes I've been rumored to swim) provide chances for me to clear my mind of the troubles of the world.  I love to explore and just see random shit.  Here's some more... granted this is from a ride this spring in Monroe:

So today I went out for a nice mind clearing ride.  I love Autumn.  Sure it was cold, but a great change of pace from this summer's relentless heat.  I dressed like I was XC skiing.  Bib tights over my shorts, wool socks, full neoprene booties, and my favorite iP Amphib jacket, oh and my dryfit toque under my helmet (Canada eh!)

My ride headed in a similar direction of my last exploratory ride of FdL.  Of course I start up hill (that's where the best views are).  View of Lake Winnebago below:

So, it was a beautiful day.  Hella windy.  I might be the only person who likes wind.  It motivates me and I had time today to think about why... Tell me I can't do something - - - well, screw you I can.  That's how I think about wind.  People always think that wind is picking on them, they don't realize it's windy to everyone.  Wind happens (just like shit).  Deal with it.

So I rode into the wind.  There were also some hills.  Here's a photo of one:

What's better than a ride?  Crockpot soup after a cold one!  Been feeding my old man very well this week.  Nothing but the best for the man who made me who I am.

Much love.
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