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This blog includes the personal details of my experiences as a recently diagnosed Type I diabetic and the impact of that diagnosis on my endurance athletic pursuits.

Please understand that I consider myself to be a work in progress. I am willing to share both my successes and failures, so please do not take my words to be professional dietary or medical advice. This is a blog, this is only a blog. I research my choices carefully, and take my health very seriously. The choices I make are my own, I am doing the best with the resources and support that I have. If you have questions or concerns feel free to comment, but please be constructive and understand that this is my life. I value it dearly.

My goal is to live a happy, healthy and active life where I can balance my internal drive to push my physical limits and the challenge of safely maintaining stability despite the challenges of Type I diabetes.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just another day.

Today was a good day.  It had it's challenges.  Maintenance finally entering my apartment (they even knocked this time!), my sweet Moab had to finally run to the vet to address a persistent case of the run, and I had plenty of work to get done before the weekend.  No, I didn't get it all done.  But it was still a good day.

Between the guy cleaning out the mold in the bathroom and trying to get a 'sample' from Moab I ended up late for work by oh lets say an hour... eeek.  Luckily I work for a pretty sweet lady.  We even rocked out some lunch time yoga together.  Yoga feels good.  And I think I'm already stronger than I was last week.  I've gone 5 times in 5 days.  A few restorative classes, but I've been able to challenge myself during each of them.  I'm never felt so loose and free before.

The great thing about today is that despite a frantic start and an a rushed early half, I managed to have enough stuff ready at hand to stay on top of each situation.  I had food in tuperwares all prepped to go.  Enough clothes stashed here and there to be able to get in my workout.  I made the mistake of not bringing my meter to yoga, but Jess bailed me out on there.  Started and finished yoga with great numbers.

After work I got a quick meal (same burrito as last night, but the spices melded more!) and then headed out for some soccer.  Numbers good at the start, good at halftime, but then as things got tense in the second half I could feel adrenalin coursing though me.  It was a fun game.  Some call it 'flow' or being 'in the zone'.  I call it standing on my head like Luongo.   At one point I dislocated my pinky and popped it back in place without evening realizing.  Maybe a few other endorphins work working as well.  And relax, it's fine - I've jammed my finger way worse in the past.  I've just never had it point backwards before.

No more lockout!

Sure enough that second half spiked me into the 170's.  What's suddenly great is that I have an improved way to treat that.  Just today I was able to pick up a juvenile diabetes syringe which will do 0.5U doses.  Seeing as the adult 1U drops me 100 points, it's great to have a better ability to fine tune.  I started writing this post at the time of injection, I'm predicting I get down below 100 by the end (50 points due to the insulin and the rest from my bodies response to the effort).  We'll see...

Other than my Friday night with the dogs, I'll probably get in some reading and rest up for more fun this weekend.  If anyone cares to join me Sunday for a 60-90 minute run at an easy pace, let me know!

.... and my number is 81.


Now I get a midnight snack!!
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